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Whether your pet is elderly or disabled, a quality wheelchair is designed to help them get back their independence whilst maintaining the exercise they need and enjoying family life again.


If your dog seems like they’re struggling with walking, such as stumbling, or losing their balance, then it’s time to think about buying a wheelchair.

Walkin Wheels Dog Wheel Chairs

It’s never too early.  Many wheelchair dogs have paralysis or have suffered some traumatic injury, but there are also many who can still walk on all fours and just need support such as those with arthritis or those older dogs with hip problems and who tire easily.

Watch this short video to see how Walkin’ Wheels enables your pet to love life again!

A wheelchair is not a permanent attachment. Some dogs can be recovering from an operation, while others such as the older pet are quite happy to lounge quietly in the family room.  A break from the wheelchair is quite permissible.

Types of Wheelchair

There are mainly two types:

Rear Support and Full Support.

Rear Support Wheelchair
Rear support wheelchairs are required for pets with hind leg weakness.  The rear wheelchair supports your dog from underneath, providing balance and stability. This allows your dog to stand, walk, run, and play again! Pets with completely paralyzed rear legs can use the stirrups to elevate your dog’s rear paws safely off the ground, preventing injury caused from scraping or dragging feet.

Rear Leg SupportRear Leg Support –  Go to Rear Leg Support

Full Support Wheelchair
Full support (quad wheelchairs) are required for pets with weakness in both the front and back legs.  Provided your dog has enough front leg strength to drive and steer their quad wheelchair, this is a great option to give your pet prolonged independence.

Full SupportFull Support  – Goto full support


The transition into a wheelchair is an easy one for most pets. Dogs want to be moving and they learn quickly that their wheelchair is going to help them. Even dogs who haven’t run in months are so happy to be back on their feet that when using their wheelchair for the first time, they take off! The transformation is incredible. You can see the joy in their face as they run for the first time in months.

If your dog doesn’t take off running right away, the wheelchair may just need a few minor adjustments to make them more comfortable.
If you’re not sure the wheelchair is set up perfectly, check out our Buyers Guide. With a few tweaks and some encouragement from you, your dog will be
running around in no time!

Size of Wheelchair

Since dogs come in all shapes and sizes (and also stages of growth) it is so important that you know how to measure your pet before ordering.

Generally speaking, wheelchair sizes come in XS, S, M, L, and XL (a bit like t-shirts for us humans!), and within this spectrum each wheelchair can be further adjusted to suit your pet perfectly.

It is therefore important that you read the section on Correct Measuring to understand all the ins and outs and to ensure complete success of this important change in your dog’s life.

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